Overcoming Sexual Performance Anxiety

Sexual Performance anxiety is one of those major hurdles that some people experience, and it is entirely psychological. Generally they are afraid that they cannot measure up in bed to some invisible competition, or they are too concerned about their own shortcomings. Perhaps the person failed to perform a few times and was entirely embarrassed by it.

The first step is to learn to set your mind at ease

This is a common problem for many guys, even the most virile at times. Also understand that psychology has a lot to do with sexual performance, and anxiety actually contributes to impotence.

It is a proven fact that guys who are comfortable can concentrate more on being aroused and have more energy to spend on their partner. A guy who is anxious is diverting energy away from the act, and so he might fight his efforts muted.

As horrible as it sounds, understand the basic mechanism of the body: If there is something to worry about, then it makes more sense to deal with it than to have sex.

It makes much more sense to have sex when a couple is in a comfortable position

It is much harder to keep up an erection when a man is frightened or worried. To that end, work on overcoming anxiety.

In a secure relationship, there is no pressure. Talk to your partner. It is not only guys but also girls who can experience jitters about sex, and talking can set both partners minds at ease. If they both agree that they love each other and wont leave just because of a bad experience, then that is a happier arrangement, and sex will be more comfortable.

Worry-free sex is inevitably better sex.

To that end, an established partner can often give the best pleasure. With a new partner there is always jitters, but when two people know they love each other, sex becomes easy and natural.

Very often, sex is just a confidence problem, and confidence boils down to a relationship problem.

Again, when two lovers freely share emotions and feelings and are mutually supportive, this can help to unwind anxiety and other psychological barriers that prevent two people from going at it with full ferocity.

It is also why it can pay to take it slow and easy with a relationship. One or both partners might be eager to jump in bed, but developing a relationship without sex pressure might result in better sex later on.

If a man is worried about his body or the actual state of is equipment, doing things to improve himself can be a healthy solution.

Going out to the gym helps to sculpt a stronger body, and it also improves the cardiovascular system, boosting the body’s capability to have sex.

As a guy will discover, when he has an active exercise routine, his erections come easier and last longer. The best pill is simple calisthenics. It also feels good to actually make yourself sexier through exercise. A couple can exercise together.

For someone who needs an extra boost to confidence or who just likes to have an insurance policy, there is nothing wrong with purchasing an enhancement pill for a stronger erection. For most men, regular exercise will cure their impotence problems, but drugs can turn a good experience into a great experience.

Someone who takes a drug will not only have better performance, but will also enjoy the confidence that comes along with knowing they have support in the event mother nature decides to take a holiday. Pills can also be expensive, so talk with your partner and consider the pros and cons.