7 Ways to Avoid Repetitive Strain Injury in the Workplace


Repetitive Strain Injury or RSI is caused due to a person’s hand movements which are forced, awkward or repetitive. Many times, we use our hands constantly to click the mouse or type. This results in repetitive strain injury.

When we use our hands way too much, the tendons, muscles and nerves in our forearm, shoulder, neck and hand are more likely to get damaged. Some of you might already be experiencing some symptoms like weakness, numbness, tingling, stiffness and burning pain.

If you are using the computer regularly, then you need to follow the tips mentioned below to prevent repetitive strain injury.

Use a wrist rest

Always, remember that your palms have to be parallel to the keyboard. So, you need to get a wrist rest. It will straighten your hand and give good support.

Use a proper chair and sit in the right posture

When you are working with your computer, see to it that you use an adjustable chair which offers good back support. In case you require lower back support, you could use a cushion. Make sure that the seat is tilted slightly forward to help you maintain a good posture. And, the backrest has to be tilted back to about ten inches.

Take regular breaks

When working with the computer, you might sometimes feel sore. So, get up and do some walking. This helps you to improve your circulation. Or, you could just do some movements with your fingers and wrists. By doing this, you can relieve the pressure on your joints.

Sit straight

You need to sit in an erect posture in front of the computer. Instead of leaning over the keyboard, you can adjust your seat appropriately. Also, set the monitor screen at your eye level. In case you use bifocal glasses, you need to adjust the screen to a little lower height from your eye level.

Take it easy after the holiday

Well, holidays truly are a relief from work and are a great time to relax and enjoy with your family. But, you will most likely be facing some trouble when you return. As you would have taken some time off, it would be difficult for you to start working again all of a sudden. So, you need to take breaks more regularly and then improve your routine day by day until you finally get hold of your regular routine.

Eat vegetables and exercise

When you aren’t exercising regularly, you might soon experience RSI. So, you need to practice some exercises like swimming, walking and running. Not only do they avoid RSI, but also prevent you from getting heart disorders.

If you think you have RSI, visit your doctor

Sometimes, it is not good to completely rely on the internet for all of your medical advice. While many maybe out of date, some are just completely wrong. So, if you ever get a feeling that you have RSI, it is better to consult a doctor than just browsing over the net for some advice.

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