How to Manage Anxiety Naturally

Anxiety attacks are a very common experience these days. The fear and terror that are associated with these attacks can be overwhelming causing you to sense some danger during a normally non-dangerous situation. Managing anxiety is easier than you think. Here are some natural ways that help you to fight anxiety and take back control of your life

Identify the triggers

The first step in dealing with anxiety is to identify the triggers which cause the problem. Once you have identified those triggers, list them down in detail including what is happening, where and with whom, how and why and what you need to change.

Think of as many options as possible for solving the problem. Select your preferred option and set up a plan for trying out the selected option and then experiment with it. If it does not work out, don’t lose hope as there are several other options which you could try. All you need to do is to check the list and move on to the next option.

Break the thought pattern

Typically, we believe that stress and anxiety are caused by something in our environment, something that is external to us. However, the true cause of stress and anxiety is our interpretation and response to that situation.

We never stop to examine what our beliefs are that are causing the stressful or fearful reaction, but are quick to put the blame on the person or the event that triggered it. An important first step in managing stress is to break the thought pattern that is responsible for our reaction to our circumstances.

Step back

One of the chief reasons that stress and anxiety spiral out of control and bring things to a crisis point is our reluctance to listen to them. We live in a time of instant gratification. We tend to silence our inner voice, confident that there will be a definite and a quick fix to the problem when we do find time to listen to it.

When you perceive yourself getting stressed or anxious, stop doing whatever is causing you to feel that way, or thinking about it, and step back. Don’t expect things to change overnight or by themselves. Give yourself time and space to undo whatever is causing you that stress.

Breathing exercises

Deep breathing exercises can keep you calm during an anxiety attack, help you get control over things and keep you from rapid breathing. Learning this technique is quite simple. Just sit down with your eyes closed and breathe from the abdomen. Inhale slowly through your nose saying one, two, three and exhale, again saying one, two, and three.

Repeat this for four to five times and then time your breathing. This deep breathing technique can be practised anywhere, without getting noticed by anyone.

Think positively

Thinking positively is a great way to keep your mind off the worry track. Train yourself to focus on things that are good, healthy and positive. Read inspirational books and connect yourself with positive people. It takes some time for positive thoughts to set in, but once you are through with it, it will be like the money deposited for your well-being.

Give importance to self-care

Don’t wait for others to provide happiness and excitement for you. You will have to consider self-care as your highest priority. Get involved in activities such as seeing a movie, pursuing a hobby or having a quiet time alone.

Taking care of yourself will make your life easy and less stressful. Also make sure to get enough rest and eat a balanced diet as doing so will bring down stress which in turn will limit anxiety and depression.

Connect with friends and family

Spend time with those whom you feel close to. Organizing activities with friends and family helps in building strong bonds with them, making you feel supported and secure. When you feel nervous about something, share your feelings with someone who listens and cares. This help you feel more understood and better able to cope.

Get your body moving

Physical activity has been found to be one of the best ways to deal with stress and anxiety? Most people respond to threatening situations with one of the three responses of flight, fight or freeze. What is required is the ability to be calm and process things rationally, something that seems impossible in an agitated state.

Focusing your mind and body on some form of physical activity helps to get them working in a normal and natural pattern, letting you think things through, while relaxing your body and working the toxins out of your system. Take a long walk, go dancing, or ride a stationary bike. Anything is better than being in a state that is frozen, immobile but filled with strong feelings.

Get engaged in a healthy hobby

A healthy hobby can help you fight anxiety. Try putting your emotions into activities such as pottery, painting, drawing etc and get the anxiety out of your mind. Hope these tips are helpful in managing your anxiety. Going the natural route with this type of disorder can be tricky and involve some trial and error.

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