Stress in the mind: The psychological effect of torture

When the stress grips your mind, then you should think that you have you have some excessive pressure on you. But, the pressure does not develop automatically on your mind. The reason is that you have to know the elements which are responsible for it. If you know it well, then you will able to relieve the stress from your mind as well.

In our mind always, a lot of desires, dreams and expectations move around. So, sometime these elements become so precious, then we cannot remove from our mind at any cost. After that, the stress gets in our mind. But, one thing is sure that if we control it wisely, then we will able to live our life comfortably.

By dream

Every man should have dreams but it should be achievable. The dreams which build the castle in the air, these kinds of dreams will inevitably bring the stress in your mind. You should follow your dream which you achieve in your lifetime without any trouble. But, in the reality, we see that sometime the unfulfilled dreams destroy the peace of mind and also develop depression, frustration and failure.

You should always remember that your dream should not swallow you; rather you should resist it from swallowing you. But, when you like to get your dreams within your capability, then you have to nourish it accordingly. So, in the course of time, you will able to achieve it. As soon as you mark your dream, then you have to hone your skills as well. The reason is that you have to prepare yourself for making it happen in the due course.

By ambition

The ambition has a sky limit. So, more you are ambitious, more your life will be stressful as well. The reason is that your ambition will have no limit. So, you can expect the higher as much. When you fix your ambition wisely, then you have to strive for it at any cost. But, sometimes it does not work as your life gets under the tremendous pressure from all around.

On the way to your ambition fulfillment, you should not dislodge someone who is making obstruction in your way. Rather, you have to make the other way to get away from it and achieve your ambition as well.

By success

After achieving your success, you should be cool and composed, so that everybody will know that you take your achievement casually. It will help to ease more pressure from the society surroundings as well.

This approach will count so many things which you will get in the course of time. Always try to enjoy your life stress-less, so you and your surrounding people can lead a healthy life as well.

By wanting

You should know that the human wanting does not have any limit. If you able to control it , then your life will be free from the stress. Actually, you have to stop at the point where you think that you should put a full stop in the journey of your wanting. It will make your life happy and comfortable.

So, you can able to free yourself from the menace of stress, if you are very much aware of your ability and limitation well.

About The Author: Alia is a writer/blogger. She loves writing, travelling and reading books. She contributes to Hydroxycut.