Does a food craving have anything to do with Allergies?


Allergies are the general problem that most of the individuals facing in their lifetime. Allergies can be categorized under environmental through pollution, occupational through less air flow, genetic and of course a lot related to eating patterns.

Allergic reactions vary from person to person and it should be understood that one should avoid any chemical related stuffs in their eating habits. Let us see them in detail.

Eating patterns

Modern generation taste and new trend of food prepared along with polluted, medicinized particles creating added contribution to allergies. People are getting addicted to artificial sugars and candies.

For colors, many chemicals are getting added and it improves the taste of the quality. But they are not aware that in long run, the chemicals especially added in fried foods, deep fried items creating allergies silently. In some stages in order to control obesity, even kids are undergoing diet that totally affects metabolic system and leads to allergies.

Sugar intake makes kids hyperactive and if the blood sugar falls, a person is getting drowned and sugar or honey is given immediately to make active.

Food craving allergies

One’s body metabolism can withstand normal food containing carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins etc., Especially homemade foods are prepared in safer and cleaner environment and it will not affect the body and even any foreign element is added, body control mechanism will fight for it. But at the same time, processed food prepared in unsafer environment will sure lead to allergies if it contains less foreign elements. One must keep in mind to avoid processed food a lot.


Stress is the very trivial reason for all kind of problems especially allergies. Reason is during stress people tend to take chocolates, coffee, pizza and other favorite foods and all are junk foods only.

Taking a lumpsum of the above foods at abnormal times cause reactions in the brain and lead to allergic reactions. As people are addicted to junk foods, it is better not to avoid them totally but periodically remove them one by one.

Allergy creating foods

Young children are more prone to allergies and it is due to the following foods mainly. dairy products which does not include lactose intolerance, wheat, shellfish or peanuts or egg whites etc., It is to be noted that if kids get reacted to any kind of mentioned foods, they need to be examined thoroughly as definitely they will be allergic to other kind of foods. But the immune system makes the kids to overcome allergies in due course.

It should be noted that proper diet should contain balanced level of carbohydrate, proteins, vitamins. Hence if a kid get allergic to any kind of protein related food, that should be balanced from its related protein rich component. Kids should be advised not to eat their allergic foods.

Chemicals and dyes

Processed foods nowadays getting prepared even with dyes and chemicals for bringing more attraction in food. Though laws are there not to use them, small scale business people using them a lot. People should avoid them totally.

Treatments for allergies

Citrizen composition tablets, Betnovate, Momate – XL are some of the treatments that need to be given to the kids immediately but everything is upon doctor advice only. Allergies need to be treated immediately or else it will lead to erratic rashes and worsen the skin reaction.


Allergies are dangerous and it is said that Eat now and pay later is the term associated to allergy. Food plays an important role in allergies. Let us use them carefully to avoid allergies.

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