Why Does Anxiety keep Coming Back?

Anxiety is a common emotion that most humans feel at one time or another in their lives. When treated, anxiety can be lessened and even subside.Anxiety can also come back over and over again depending on life’s circumstances and what an individual may be experiencing.

There are different types of anxiety including panic attacks, obsessive compulsive disorders, social anxiety disorders, phobias, and many more that can come and go through our lives.

Reasons for comeback of Anxiety

One of the reasons for anxiety to return is most humans feel anxious when they are facing life decisions, such as issues at work, personal problems, or even minor things like taking a test. These things are not planned and when they come on unexpectedly, they can cause anxiety to come back.

An anxiety disorder can become a more serious condition in which worrying over things and fear of things are constant in people’s lives. A circumstance that worries them can trigger an anxiety attack or feeling. These anxiety disorders can be very crippling to those they affect.

Anxiety comes back as life’s circumstances change. Going through a divorce, a job layoff, and the threat of terrorism are all things that can cause an anxiety attack to begin. These are out of our control, can happen out of the blue, and are totally unexpected.

Because anxiety is a normal reaction to life’s stressors, we can experience them over and over again. Things such as a major job interview coming up can make you begin feeling anxious. Worrying about what questions will be asked, what you are going to say, and what you will wear can cause anxiety. A meeting with a divorce attorney can bring on anxiety as you are not sure what to expect or what to say.

It only takes the possibility of something bad happening or a crisis surfacing that will send a person right into anxiety mode. The key to controlling the emotion is based on the ability of a human to learn to control the response and ask themselves how bad the danger or how likely the threat really is.

How it know it’s back?

You know when anxiety is kicking into gear by the actions of your body. You may experience some problems sleeping, digesting food, and even lack of concentration. Your stomach will be upset and you can have severe headaches. In more severe cases of panic attack, you will feel your heart pounding fast and hard. Anxiety can often feel much like depression and the two can overlap.


When you have anxiety issues or attacks and they begin to interfere with your normal activities, you may need to get some temporary help. Some people will experience such strong anxiety over an issue that it stops them from doing what needs to be done. They avoid things and cannot focus at all. Through these harder times, professional help may be necessary.

Sometimes, you can get through an anxiety attack or issue by simply talking to someone close, such as a family member or a good friend who can help you dissect and sort out your current problem. Other times you can find your own way through an anxiety cycle by asking yourself what you can do to change the situation.

Ask yourself if you have control of the circumstances or not, and know what you have to accept and move on from. It is good to remember the strategy that you used that worked to resolve the anxiety so you can use it next time.

If you feel an anxiety attack coming back, stop and ask yourself if this is a good thought you are having or if it is something negative that you just keep rethinking about. If it is negative, try telling yourself to stop. It is hard to do that, but it can be very important and effective. Sometimes, it even helps to tell yourself that the circumstances may not be what you want them to be right now.

You can always change things later and simply focus on taking it one day at a time. Try to help yourself cope during this period so that your anxiety will not continue to come back over and over. Short-term solutions may prevent your anxiety from returning again. A major step in stopping anxiety from coming back is by telling yourself over and over that you have done what you can and you have to move forward in a positive manner.

Sometimes, when experience a panic episode, it is good to learn to breathe so that you do not go into an attack mode. People tend to hold their breath when they feel anxious and breathing deeply can calm you down. Exercising has also been found to be a good method for keeping anxiety attacks from coming back. When you feel one coming on, try to get out for a walk, get fresh air, breathe deep, meditate, and slow down.

Knowing that anxiety attacks can come back is a reason you try to learn how to manage them better. Sometimes, you can get through your anxiety on your own and sometimes you cannot. The harder and more severe the issue was, the longer it may take you to get over it. You may be feeling stressed for a few weeks, or it can take months, but you want to be able to find a resolution that works for you to stop it from coming back.


Medications can help get anxiety under control, but will not necessarily prevent the anxiety from recurring depending on the severity of the problems you have. Try to control anxiety yourself first, and then seek professional help if that is not working.